How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass Doors

Since hard water contains minerals which stick on substances, lack of frequent cleaning leads to stains. Stains are much harder to remove especially when left there for a long time. Vinegar, lemons and Calgon can be used to remove hard water glass stains. Glass doors, especially shower doors get hard water stains from the water we use and the best solution would probably be to soften the water we use. But once the damage has been done, we now have the option of looking for ways and means to remove the stains. To remove hard water stains from glass, we have to first determine how long the stains have been there and how hard the water is.

Hard water glass door stains can be removed using a variety of ways hence the most convenient method will depend on what you can easily get around you. There are water stain removers available at glass replacement stores that you use with a scrubbing pad that is lightly abrasive to rub on the stain areas.

You can also remove water stains from glass by spraying it with a laundry stain remover or with eyeglass cleaner. The eyeglass cleaner is sprayed after you have wet the door. Wet fabric softener sheets can also work wonders on hard water glass door stains after scrubbing thoroughly so is vinegar which is applied to the stain with paper towels. Depending on the stubbornness of the glass door stain, vinegar should be able to remove it, if not alone, with a glass cleaner spray.

For those of you who love everything natural, there are natural products that you can remove glass door stains with. Natural products include lemons, distilled water for rinsing, baking soda, cotton balls and food-grade vinegar. An equal measure of Hard water stains and water is the most used natural cleaner.

The best approach to remove hard water stains from glass doors is to identify the method that will be easy and safe to use. You can inquire from relevant source to know what is readily available in your locality that can remove glass door stains. Regular cleaning of the glass door will ensure the stain does not build up.

Truth Revealed: Lemon Juice and Vinegar will NOT remove hard water stains from your glass and windows… all it does is smell bad. However, to discover a professional do-it-yourself method to permanently remove hard water stains click on the link below. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.