Body Shape Questionnaire to Find Out Your Body Shape

The Body Shape questionnaire will help you to identify which one of the female Body Shapes you are. Personally, I count four Body Shapes as oppose to others who often account for several. I think this makes it a bit more confusing to identify your shape. Consequently, I opt to describe four as each individual is usually able to recognize as on of these Body Shapes.

So what are these Four?

The four Shapes I account for are the Apple, the Hourglass, the Ruler and the Pear. Each being different to each other. For Example the Pear is characterized by a woman who has a prominent Lower region such as her waist, gluteus and in particular her hips which tend to hold the most weight. A slender Upper area -such as thin arms and small shoulders- frequently lay on top of this.

An Hourglass Shape is recognized by a full feminine shape with curvy hips and distinct shoulders. This is a typical Scarlet Johansson figure which is regarded as one of the most desirable Shapes to have.

The Apple is someone who has a large midsection and chest which can be cause for concern due to the health implications this type can have if too much weight is put.

The Ruler as the name would indicate is an individual with a straight, curve-less, plank-shaped figure as found with the use of the Body Shape Calculator.

A common trait among all four female Bodies is that rectangle body shapeweight is put on it nearly always resides around the prominent regions of the Body. For example, when a woman with a Pear Body puts on 20 or 30 pounds is nearly always goes the lower body such as the hips and gluteus and usually stays of the arms, shoulders and even mid section.

Obviously, all 4 Shapes have their problematic areas and as a result this emphasizes the importance of maintaining a constant form of exercise and a good wholesome and nutritious body shape diet year round. This doesn’t mean that you have to go on 5 mile runs every day and eat celery stick 24/7 but just go on a 45 minute power walk or jog 4-5 times per week and just eat smaller portions.