Buying Email Marketing Lists – Yes Or No?

Now you’ve learned that an email campaign is a great way to promote your business or affiliate products. Your next task is to build a list to which to send emails. The question is, where do you get the list from? Many people think that things would be easier if they just buy an email marketing list. Don’t be one of the people who make that mistake.

You may have seen the ads that offer to give you thousands of email address for a low cost. If you fall for the hype and purchase one of these lists, you’ll most likely be labeled as a ‘spammer’ right after you send out your first batch of emails. Most of the messages will most likely end up in the junk box and you won’t reap the desired benefits from your efforts. More than likely, about 70% of the addresses are bogus or duplicated; While the other 30% haven’t given anyone permission to email messages to them.

Some people use a rental list from various submission services. These can end up costing between 20 and 30 cents for each email. So what can you do? Perhaps reading the next 7 ideas will get the ideas flowing about ways you can build your own targeted list. Keep in mind that you’re primary goal should be to send emails to people who really want to hear what you have to say.

The big question is ‘where do you find these people?’. Your best bet is toemail databases for sale begin with a diverse list of marketing methods and watch your web traffic. Below you’ll see a list, shared by an existing email marketing company, of the things that will help ensure you have success building your email marketing list.

  1. Use Your Webpage – On every page of your website you should request that individuals sign up. You can offer your online electronic magazine, your newsletter, your offer for a free report, ebook, or some other item that has real value to the reader.
  2. Consider Direct Mail Marketing – Use snail mail to send postcards or flyers to all of your potential customers. In the design of your mail item, include a request for people to visit your site and sign up for the valued information you’re offering.
  3. Think about using Telemarketers – You could use a telemarketing service or agent to contact your potential clients. Your telemarketers should require email addresses. You can offer incentives, like free trials, a contest, or something else they’d want, to those who give their email address.
  4. Use a Broker – There are websites that offer a brokerage service. They usually have heavy traffic. You’d like your service and offer a sign up for their information. This usually costs between $.10 and $.15 for each email message
  5. Use good ole’ pavement action – You can have students who are off in the summer or one of their breaks to go door-to-door offering information in exchange for their email addresses.
  6. Host an Online Contest – Open contests are a very effective way to get people to share their email addresses with you. On the entry form require that they give it to you as their way of entering the contest.
  7. Get Physical – If you have an actual brick and mortar store, ask your customers to provide you with their email address during your checkout process. Use these emails to send them coupons or surveys. You could also run additional contests to keep them engaged.

8 – You Choose – The suggestions I gave you should’ve opened up some other avenues in your mind. Fill in the method that would work for you.

As you can see there are several routes to arrive at the same destination – acquiring good, targeted email addresses for your email marketing campaign. So to answer the question of whether to buy an email marketing list – NO! Absolutely not.