The Mystique of Blue Sapphires: Myths and Legends

For ages, rocks have grabbed the individual creativity, equally because of their elegance and their symbolism. Among these pieces of the Earth, orange sapphire stands out together of the most interesting and adored gemstones. While the birthstone for September, orange sapphire has an abundant history and an original position in the world of gemology. In this short article, we will explore the attraction and significance of orange sapphires.

A Brief Introduction to Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphire, clinically called corundum, is a number of that nutrient famous for the impressive orange hue. The level of shade in blue sapphires can range between a mild, nearly clear blue to a heavy, velvety orange that looks to recapture the depths of the ocean. Sapphires, including blue sapphires, are next in hardness and then diamonds, creating them amazingly tough and ideal for a wide selection of jewelry.

The Birthstone of September

Blue sapphire holds the recognition of being the birthstone for September, and these born in that month are happy to possess this kind of impressive treasure to symbolize their birthdays. The rock is thought to create wisdom, protection, and good bundle to its wearer. It’s frequently regarded a image of reality, sincerity, and nobility, highlighting the deep blue of the skies and seas.

History and Lore

During record, orange sapphires have been valued by different cultures. Here certainly are a several notable examples:

Historical Persia: Sapphires were highly prized by Persian rulers, who believed that the World relaxed on a huge blue sapphire, offering the sky their orange color.

Old Europe: The Catholic Church regarded blue sapphires to symbolize the heavens, and clergy customers often wore them as a symbol of heavenly favor.

Old Greece and Rome: Sapphires were associated with Apollo, the god of truth and prophecy, and were frequently worn to find his favor.

Famous Orange Sapphires

Blue sapphires have a storied previous, and a few exemplary treasures are becoming famous worldwide:

The Star of India: That significant, 563-carat blue sapphire is one of the greatest star sapphires on the planet and is exhibited at the American Museum of Normal Record in New York.

The Logan Sapphire: Considering 422.99 carats, this serious orange sapphire is among the biggest faceted sapphires on earth and is part of the Smithsonian’s National Jewel Collection.

The Orange Belle of Asia: A 392.52-carat sapphire, this exemplary treasure shattered records at auction when it had been offered for over $17 million.

Choosing Orange Sapphires

When selecting an orange sapphire, many facets come into enjoy, blue sapphire price in sri lanka shade, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The absolute most sought-after orange sapphires show a vibrant, medium to dark orange color with high clarity and outstanding cut.

Looking after Blue Sapphires

To guarantee the durability and beauty of orange sapphires, care is essential. Normal washing with a smooth brush and slight soapy water is recommended. It’s also advisable to store sapphire jewellery in a separate compartment to avoid scratching.


Orange sapphires have an enduring charm that has intrigued people for centuries. Whether you’re using them as a image of one’s birth month or just as a testament with their elegance and history, orange sapphires continue to captivate and inspire. As one of the very beloved jewels, they are a testament to the Earth’s remarkable volume to create treasures of unmatched beauty and significance.